Here’s a little sneak peek into our

life at Chillar

"United in rain or shine"

At Chillar, our bunch of talented and enthusiastic individuals are constantly ready to put on their best hats and we always ensure to cherish them as our close-knit family. Our team is at the heart of Chillar’s success and we constantly stick beside them in all their highs and lows.

“Smiles that never fade”

We don’t forget to have fun while at work and the cheerful workspace at Chillar is living proof of it! For us, success and happiness go hand-in-hand and we relentlessly strive to put our best foot forward - every day.

The Chillar Culture we Cherish

Every recruitment is a responsibility - a responsibility to create a remarkable professional
and to instill in them a culture rooted in quality and customer-centricity.

  1. A promise of trust and coordination between employees at all levels.
  2. Constant interactive sessions to ensure that every voice is heard.
  3. Opportunities to learn and widen your horizons.
  1. leave policy made for employees including personal choice holidays.
  2. A joyful work environment.
  3. Fun games and outings .

The Women power at Chillar

Talent matters and not gender.
Our woman-friendly policies provide the finest opportunity for women to excel in both their professional and personal lives.

What we offer:

Opportunities to gain insight into various departmental levels.
A platform to grow and expand everyones skill sets .
Professional and well-balanced working atmosphere .

A joyful journey of

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Join The Chillar Family

Want to be a part of our wonderful family? Come, Join us!
We are a -growing fintech company looking forward to expanding our team.
If you are someone who is proactive and open to challenges, we are awaiting you.