Educational institutions have different funnels of revenue ranging from fees, misc. fees, canteen, library, tuck shop etc. Managing them have been a nightmare for the institutions.

School Model

Finger Print/ NFC Wrist band with POS: (POS works as billing machine as well)

How it works

Parents to load money through the campus wallet app, Kids can use their finger print/NFC band for all monitory transactions inside campus. Parents will be alerted in details about the expense.

  1. Transaction time less than 5 seconds (which is very important in school/college campus, since the lunch break is only 40 mins)
  2. Safe for kids since this works only inside campus.
  3. Accounting becomes easy for the institutions.
  4. Convenience for the parents.
College Model: QR Code & smart phone Based model

How it works: Students to select their favorite store/food court from the campus wallet app, add items to the cart, make payment. A QR code will be generated, student can scan the QR in the outlet and pick the items

  1. Billing desk is no more required in the outlets.
  2. Transaction time is less than 3 seconds.
  3. Proper inventory control for the canteen vendor.
  4. Easy accounting for the institutions.
  • Launched in 2015
  • Tried the one-time payment model
  • Introduced annual subscription fee
  • Won the Nasscom Emerge 50 & British Fintech Rocket ship award
  • 28000+ Students
  • Average Spend: 340/Student/Month
  • Clients from 5 States